The Multi-Window, Programmable Editor

Infinitor is much more than a programmer's text editor. Infinitor puts new creative power in your hands and opens up editing possibilities ad infinitum. Now you can practically design your own editor and actually change the way it works to suit your needs. Or use it the way it comes. Or configure it for EMACS. Or Vi.

Infinitor has all the features you'd expect in a first-class editor. Plus the powerful TPL Text Processing Language and ultra-flexible Nimble Windows you don't get with any other editor.

Infinitor's advanced TPL Text Processing Language gives you unprecedented creative power and flexibility. Now you can actually emulate other editors. Perform complex text processing functions, and even compile while inside the editor. TPL lets you customize Infinitor to suit your needs. It lets you edit the way you want and gives you an endless variety of ways to manipulate text.

Infinitor is a DOS-based text editor.

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