BXC-51 Simulator

The Cross-Simulation Debugger

BXC-51 Simulator is an amazing product. It simulates your BXC-51 program on your PC without ever downloading or programming your .HEX file. If your PC is connected via serial port to a monitor on your board, then BXC-51 Simulator can cross-simulate your program. That means you are simulating the program on the PC, but the I/O is actually happening on your board!

The BXC-51 Simulator is very simple to use. In addition to a full suite of powerful assembly monitor, simulation, and debugging commands, your old familiar commands are available and perform as you would expect: RUN, CONT, GOTO, GOSUB, PRINT (or ?), LET, LIST, and more! You do not need to be a simulator expert - you just need BASIC-52 familiarity. RAM, ROM, and cross-I/O configuration is straightforward.

As an assembly monitor, BXC-51 Simulator provides symbolic instruction tracing, logging, debugging, CPU register monitoring, smart stack tracing, breakpoints, and standard monitor functions such as assembly, disassembly, memory display, memory fill, register modification, etc.

When your program is running, use the text window environment to watch progress. Windows include: CPU registers, Stack, Instructions, Commands, and the main window. For greater speed, turn tracing off. At full speed, a 386 33 MHz PC can simulate 1 second of 11 MHz 8051 in 65 seconds. That's lightning fast for a simulator!

Minimum system requirements: PC, DOS 2.0+, 384K RAM.

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