BXC-51 Library Toolkit, V1.1

The BXC-51 Library Toolkit is designed to be used with Binary Technology, Inc.'s BXC-51 BASIC Compiler. BXC-51 LT allows you to generate a stand-alone library (source code or hex file) and then strip the library from your BXC-51 program. BXC-51 LT allows you to reduce downloading/programming time, see the BXC-51 library source code, create a stand-alone library, and includes thorough documentation of BXC-51 library!

Reduce Code Size

Reduce your code size by using a stand-alone library and spend less time downloading or programming. For small BXC-51 programs, as much as 70% of the code generated by BXC-51 can be stripped. Even large programs can be stripped by 20%.

Thorough Documentation

All the assembly routines in the library used by BXC-51 are fully documented. This reference is essential whether you add a few in-line assembly instructions or you write assembly utilities for BASIC-52.

BXC-51 Library Source Code

You can create a complete listing of the BXC-51 library for a particular configuration (based on the BXC-51 command line options). You can create it by running the BLC utility and using your BXC-51 library file (BXC51.LIB).

Create a Stand-alone BXC-51 Library

The BXC-51 library provides an abundance of useful routines for your assembly programs: floating point arithmetic, integer arithmetic, string manipulation, input and output, and handy register utilities. Use any from a standalone library.
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