BXC-51 V5

The BASIC-52 CrossCompiler

BXC-51 is a powerful software tool for reducing development time and costs. It's easy to use, as well.

BXC-51 Version 5.0 is the latest release of BXC-51, the first cross-compiler available for Intel's MCS BASIC-52 interpreted BASIC, Version 1.1 for the 8052/32 and DS5000 microcontrollers. It adheres to the Intel standard for BASIC-52 complete with interrupt support, I/O, and real-time clock. In-line assembly is supported. The BXC-51 compiler produces an Intel hex format file compatible with all PROM programmers, monitor-debuggers (such as Binary Technology, Inc.'s M/DP), or in-circuit emulators. BXC-51 produces an assembly language intermediate file allowing close examination or optimization by the user.

BXC-51 compiled code runs faster than the BASIC-52 interpreter, provides source-code security, and allows use of the less expensive 8031/8032 microcontrollers. The BXC-51 compiler provides flexibility of external memory, program, and I/O locations. BXC-51 supports

data types. BXC-51 generates code for the greater 8051 family of microcontrollers. Command line options directly support the 8051/31, 8052/32, and DS5000 but any 8051 derivative can be supported through configuration.

Here are some of the many features that have been added on top of the BASIC-52 standard:

We are confident that it will be a significant aid to you in your 8031/8051 (and family derivatives) development projects.

New in V5! The following features are new in BXC-51 V5: Be sure to order your upgrade today. Need a documentation? Order just the BXC-51 Manual.
We are beginning to create a list of vendors that support BXC-51 on their microcontrollers. Please see the list of microcontroller products - including vendor name, address, and Web site - that support BXC-51.
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Resellers, Take Note! The BXC-51 BASIC Compiler is available for resale under your product name for your company's specific microcontroller(s). Please see our BXC-51 OEM Plan page for more details.
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