BEC-51 V5

The Blue Earth BASIC Compiler

BEC-51 is a powerful but easy to use software tool that can reduce development time and cost for many microcontroller applications.

BEC-51 Version 4.1 is the latest release of BEC-51, the first cross-compiler available for Blue Earth Research BASIC, a modified version of the original Intel BASIC-52, which was developed for the 8xC51FX series of microcontrollers. BEC-51 also generates output for the 8051/31, 8052/32, and DS5000 target CPUs. It adheres to all Intel standards not modified by Blue Earth BASIC, complete with interrupt support, I/O, and real time clock. In-line assembly is supported. The BEC-51 compiler produces an Intel hex format file compatible with all PROM programmers, simulators, and in-circuit emulators, as well as MONITOR-51. BEC-51 can produce an intermediate assembly language file allowing close examination or optimization by the user.

BEC-51 compiled programs run faster than interpreted programs, provides source code security, and allow the use of the less expensive 8031/8032 CPUs in some applications. The BEC-51 compiler provides flexibility of external memory, program, and I/O locations. BEC-51 supports

data types.

We are confidant that it will be a significant aid to you in your microconroller development projects.

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