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BXC-51 on Linux?
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In 1988, this company was originally known as Tavve Software Co. Under that name, five versions of the BXC-51 8051 BASIC compiler were created! With the great success of that product, the company continued making more products including a simulator, IDE, editor, and communication tool.

In 1997, the Tavve Software Co. name was relinquished to the spun-off network management division. The microcontroller division was renamed HanoverSoft and still carries that name today. Although the 8051 processor and BASIC tools have lost much populatity since the 20th century, some of the tools are still available.

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BXC-51 v6.0?
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Microcontroller Tools

The BXC-51 compiler today is only available from Binary Technology at +1 (508) 369-9556.

The BXC-51 Simulator and other tools are still available from HanoverSoft. See the Microcontroller Tools page for product information.

How to Contact Us

Admittedly, this is a very small division these days! Only stalwart Anthony Edwards is left taking care of this division on a part time basis. Here's how to contact us:

Address HanoverSoft
BXC Division
820 Churchill Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27517   USA
E-mail bxc@hanoversoft.net